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Rafael De La Cruz




I solve puzzles, answer questions and connect the dots. Inventing, Innovating & Optimizing are my Love Languages. 💡✨ I collaborate with founders and funders to make dreams come true... Prefer dialogue with questions that can’t be answered to those with answers that can’t be questioned. Building brands, creating categories and growing businesses in new and frontier industries. Scientist & Engineer by Training Entrepreneur & Strategist by Experience Marketer by Necessity Investor by Inspiration Music Maestro by Calling @Berkeley Bioengineering / Materials Science @BronxScience | Geek Chic 🧪 Health Tech | Beverages | Cannabis | Wellness | Logistics @THCF - The Happy Capital Fund @Universal Brand Ventures ~ glacèau: vitaminwater & smartwater, Pepsi, Firefly, Time-Warner, tobacco, alcohol plus plenty of phenomenal failures you’ve never heard of... 💥 Earnest Alchemist | Bi-Coastal Business Builder | Early Stage Investor | Consigliere Collaborator | Polymath | Socially Successful Introvert 😬 | Junior High School Science Project 2nd Place Winner | Burning Man Camp Leader (Heroes & Super Villains | Absolute Outlier (three standard deviations) Deep Soulful House Music Selecta 🎧 | My Mom Doesn’t Quite Understand What I Do But Knows I’m Happy.... What’s Your Why? 🔥 Lifelong Student & Avid Fan of science, social psychology, practical spirituality, culinary arts and culture. 🧿 Interests ❤️ Human Behavioral Dynamics | History | World Politics | Disruptive Innovation | Botanicals Access | Equality | Equity | Opportunity | Small Business Development | Mentoring | Travel | Adventure | Street Food | Iron Chef Skills | Soulful Dance Music | Yoga | Volleyball | Sunshine | Beaches | Space, The Final Frontier )’( 📍NYC Native ✈️ City of Angels 😇 Citizen of the World Child of Immigrants A Very Spicy Latin Combo of Incan Afro Euro Caribbean Ethnic Ingredients 🇺🇸+🇪🇨+🇩🇴+🌎=🌶 *Supporting fellow soulful DJs around the world, saving lives, every night, on the dancefloor one jam at a time... 🎵 DMs Open to Interesting Conversation 👇🏽