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Eli Rabani




@ccjung damnit we had work to do. Much will be done in your memory. We lost a Diamond. Building the enabling technologies for post-scarcity. A beautiful future can be ours if we get it right. Climate clutch-play: Space-based solar radiation management Founder & CEO, Ocean Restoration International Corp. (see OARAD below) & Nanotechnology International Corp. Self-replicating manufacturing systems+ISRU, nanodevices, molecular robotics, medical nanorobotics, high-performance materials for everything from infrastructure to space applications. Raising funds for high-impact SDG-aligned climate & pandemic-related projects, as well as the infrastructure for many future technologies. DeepTech Convergence... ...Meta-Game-Changers On carbon.... Beyond sequestration: Don’t store, Utilize. Replace unsustainable materials with carbon-negative materials. Projects include: #OARAD Ocean Acidification Reversal & Atmospheric Decarbonization (also addresses ocean anoxia & eutrophication, with numerous co-benefits & extensions...think ocean-cities [seasteading]) ; Advanced molecular nanotechnology (Drexlerian—this is similar to what Star Trek TNG popularized, but based in science-fact); Pandemic/emerging-pathogen response related adaptations of earlier/ongoing work; Some others.... Taking pieces of other systems under development.... Advanced manufacturing applied to COVID-19/emerging-pathogen response for: - PPE (more, better protection, better comfort, cheaper) - conventional & advanced diagnostic technologies (though also novel methods/devices) Applications: ClimateTech+CDR&U/BECC&U, BiCR&U+DLT for carbon credits, Ocean Restoration & Industries, CarbonTech, AgTech, MedTech, Construction, Infrastructure. ... Advantages in multiple multi-$T markets/industries. Incidentally: non-mined high-strength quantum-resistant* cryptocurrency+DLT, no central authority, & a token that promotes CDR & SDGs. (This grew out of my main work.) Have a track-record in cryptocurrency/DLT space? Connect. * it’s not really clear yet what the adversary model is, so when anyone says this, there’s that grain of salt (& really smart people have gotten things wrong) At least one toe in the singularity for >3 decades. Want to craft it with me? Connect. ##fanOfInterloops Twitter: @radsci Instagram: @radical_sci