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Racole Jackson




G O D ▪️ F A M I L Y ▪️ R E A L E S T A T E ————————————— “Be a voice. Not an echo.” “No fear. — When fear is allowed, the genius is surpressed. Boldness be my friend.” ———-—————————— LL.M, University of Miami School of Law 🌪 JD, Santa Clara University School of Law 🐴 BA, University of Florida 🐊 Realtor, Florida 🌴 —————————————— ⚖️I CEO, Realty Law Group, PLLC ✍🏽I CVO, Title Xperts, LLC 🏘I CEO, NewBrix Real Estate Team 🚀I CURATOR, The AgentCEO Accelerator 📱 (561) 324-0007 📩 [email protected] 📍 Palm Beach, Florida 🇺🇸