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<<Announcement 2 spots available to work with me one to one>> Manifestation is not positive thinking... It is simply: Connection to source (Soul Immersion) Now is the best time to join this offer (btw) If you've been taught that manifestation is just rearranging your thoughts You've been (partially) duped Even the very thoughts you think come from a timeless source Its not based on desires or even good intentions SOUL IMMERSION is a six month transcendent experience designed to give you the boost you need to see yourself through to your next level of potential For those of you who are confident in your abilities without being closed off to new ideas Who desire to make a greater impact and have an enriched life full of giving and receiving value - [ ] 6 months - [ ] 12 calls every other call is breathwork - [ ] Journal prompt specifically for each week - [ ] Voxer access for duration of program for Q and A so no question goes unasked or unanswered <<BONUS>> - [ ] MANIFESTATION CODES: Bi-weekly reports sent to your email to uncover and release your energetic blocks And on top of that you receive access to - [ ] THE SPIRIT GUIDE GAME: 30 days of connecting with your own higher source and spirit team Day 1 CREATING YOUR TIME CAPSULE : First we will create your imaginary time capsule and bury it to be dug up on the last day of the six month program Month 1 LEADING EDGE ATTENTION Activating your desires and setting intentions to become Leaders of your own life's purpose. Learning to give Attention to your Vibration Month 2 BECOME RESPONSIBLE FOR BEING UNSTOPPABLE Repurpose and redefine responsibility. Witness and break free from energetic manifestation blocks Month 3: SOUL IMMERSION AND CYCLES OF COMPLETION Forming the intentions to immerse ourselves in total acceptance no matter the lessons life may bring Month 4: EMBODY CREATIVITY FOR SOUL EXPRESSION Embodying creativity for complete soul expression Manifesting is not selfish. Learn to create a life of unapologetic creativity Month 5 THE SERVING ENERGY OF EMPOWERMENT Finding empowerment in service to others while still manifesting what is in alignment for you Month 6 DETACHMENT: THE TIMELESS Manifestation Sanctuary for Entrepreneurs Author Mother Certified Prosperous Conscious Entrepreneur and Licensed Intuitive Deity Manifestation teacher Intuitive Deity Guidance page on Facebook Click the bell to be notified when I start a room.