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🏳️‍🌈💤Campaigning to become The Most Boring Person on Clubhouse💤🏳️‍🌈 🖤Okay moderator. Admin of some clubs. Founder of lost things. Featured in my diary. Named “who???” by the Clubhouse team. Not a medical practitioner. She/her. Creative and educator in the non profit space. Talk to me about media literacy and digital ethics. 🥌 Clubs I run that might provide some support you’re looking for: 🐸 Virtual Co-Working Procrastinators (The original Clubhouse Coworking club) 👎 Cranky Physical Therapy (A bunch of people who don’t want to do physical therapy all hang out and do it together) Do people even read bios anymore? If you’ve made it this far, ask everyone in the room what animal they are (not what they wish they were-there’s a difference) Working with @oddxends @scottinallcaps and @urimcflurri to add manifesturbation to the dictionary. Ask any of them about it! Even over message!