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CEO of KingandQueenMoss! Wild-Crafted Seamoss! Black Business Woman Entrepreneur! Manifesting! Bully Police 🚨 Life-9 Soul-5 Outer-11 Destiny-7 Dr. Sebi approved! Shipping nationwide! NYC based! Health is wealth! Overcame foster care system, domestic violence survivor & homelessness! Striving for success to enrich my life & my children’s life 👸🏽Audience show host of Courtney’s Corner season 3! 💃🏽Brand Ambassador! www.Etsy.Com/shop/kingandqueenmoss Follow IG as well! @phoenix_vixen24 @free_speechinformative 🎮Xbox:Delicious0724 Activision:Deliciouslytasty 🔱Cashapp: Wonderwomanrd 📩 Email:[email protected] #graveyardgang #teamplughouse #10xclub #CHSpeakingthingsintoexistence #followbackshortly