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My name is Daphney Bossicot Who AM I? 👉🏾I am a soul on a journey experiencing multiple aspect of myself as a mother, wife, business owner, mindset/life coach, speaker and more. ❤️I love helping people ❤️ However, I have discover helping others is my "CALLING" a desire to make positive impact one person, one household at a time eventually the 🌎. By helping others to discover their own inner beauty, power, potential and so much more. My Goal: Is to foster healthy family dynamics and promote a growth and positive mindset in women who are ready to do the work on your personal self-development. The ultimate goal of creating a world where healthy home dynamics are the norm regardless of an individual’s pass. ✳️My Story: From an early age, I never experienced a stable home environment, as my parents were never able to provide one. My dad’s attempt of a stable when I was seven years old after getting married was short-lived. I grew up feeling unsecured and unprotected, and this instability followed me into adulthood. However, despite my challenging upbringing, I was determined to create a different experience for my own children. I wanted them to feel safe, secure, and certain in their home environment. Overcoming my personal fears and anxieties was not easy, but I worked hard as I become a bonus mom and a mom when I met my husband 16 years ago. Both my children are safe and secure in their home. I understand how overwhelming it can be to strive to provide what we never received as children, but I also know that it's possible to create a loving and supportive family, even with our flaws and imperfections. I'm here to teach you how. 🚶🏾‍♀️Your Walk-Away You’ll adopt a growth mindset, you'll gain the tools to overcome the limitations of a fixed mindset and achieve success each day. You'll cultivate a gratitude practice and appreciate your life experiences more fully. With increased self-confidence, you'll be empowered to discover and pursue your calling with purpose and passion. 💥Proctor Gallagher Institute(PGI) Certified 💥Mindvalley/EverCoach Coaching Program 📚Student of Blue Light Consultanting 📚Student of Will to Rise Leadership 📚Student of Nichole Charles Coaching 👉🏾Book a Complimentary Conversation for 30 minutes Schedule: