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Helen Slottje




🏆Winner ‘Green Nobel’ (NY frack ban) ⚖️Quantum Lawyer 🎤Speaker - TEDx WWF (Brussels) Lawyer assisting founders of purpose driven companies to build the foundation to achieve their desired impact. 🏅Winner of Goldman Environmental Prize for North America, 2014 for legal, strategic and community building work to achieve what entrenched interests had insisted was impossible - a ban on fracking in New York State. 📰 Profiled in: PBS ‘The New Environmentalists: ABA Journal, Fast Company, CBS News, KQED, Salon, Grist, WaPo, HuffPost ... 📢 Speaking: TEDx WWF, Berkeley Forum, Yale Political Union, Public Interest Env’tl Law Conf, Columbia, Cornell, Ithaca ... 🎓Student of Sen. Elizabeth Warren University of Pennsylvania and Harvard Law Schools ❤️ Compassionate heart 🦁strong back 👓Focus not on your unmet expectations of life, 🥲 instead focus on what life expects of you❤️ and how you can most effectively respond in each moment. ⏳ 🔥INTERESTED IN 💃Having fun and following my excitement ⛓Co-creating Systems-Level Change 🦋Disrupting the status quo and consciously co-creating a new, more inclusive and regenerative future ♟Changing the world by starting with our state of mind = shift to see the structure - not merely the problems it creates. 🎤 speaking engagements, podcast interviews, being a moderator in rooms climate solutions, regenerative development, and building a supportive community for change makers to discuss how to be truly effective. DM or email [email protected] She/her pronouns Located on N’dakinna, the traditional ancestral homeland of the Abenaki, Pennacook and Wabanaki peoples. [I am a lawyer admitted in NY, MA and NH. While I may engage in discussions of legal issues or legal topics on Clubhouse, I am only discussing these issues or topics in an educational manner. These discussions do not constitute legal advice and do not create a lawyer-client relationship.]