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Mr.51k Year




“I no Black, I Dominikeeeeen” Friend and brother to D’Marquell and Trae’quavious One of few Black people that didn’t grow up in the “hood” on clubhouse. Kinda weird nobody had any non-hood experiences from their formative years. I stand on bihness, I kneel on bihness, I sit indian-style on bihness, hell, I even plank on bihness Life is terribly unfair but life has been more than fair to me. Not sure what I did in a past life but God really favors your boy. Be kind to your fellow humans. I love hearing y’all fuss but in the meantime i’m gonna try to get these pennies. The gender war is a farce. Go outside! Stop making chicken and waffles with white meat for the sake of all that is holy. Biz owner specializing in aviation systems, intellectual property valuation and federal procurement , Frat Star 🟨⬛️, Salt & Pepper Beard Haver, Boxer, Options & Commons Trader, DC Metro resident and Papa Bear to 1. My child’s mothermmmm is fine too so I can talk sh*t. Long term goal: Get my princess into a top 10 MD dermatology or plastics program by 2040