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Robin Viray




Personal Development Trainer 📲 DM “free call” @geniusfactoryclub to set up a welcome call for your first strategy session with Robin 📢 I am here to educate, inspire and empower inquisitive minds to develop the hidden genius that lies within! ♣️ Founder of “The Genius Factory” on Clubhouse 🗓 Come join Robin every Saturday morning at 10 am to discover ways as to how you can further develop that genius that lies within! 📕 Writer (first book “A Living Hope” in progress) 🍎 Passionate about Education Reform 🌳 born in Oakland, CA 👶🏼 80s baby 🇵🇭 first Generation Pinoy 🐻 former college dropout 🎓BA | Sociology @ CSUEB 🎓MBA | College of Business Economics 🎖HeartMath Certified 🦄 INFJ 👑 Matt 6:33 “Take one lick from the lollipop 🍭 of mediocrity, and you’ll suck forever.” 😮 ♟ Amat Victoria Curam