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Hi it is “@q_in_the_purple_suit”💰Once upon a time I asked an UBER-RICH woman “How did you earn your money?” 💰She said, ‘“Q” it’s an age old principle, been there from the beginning of time.” 💰 “What is it?” I asked. 💰”Find a need and serve it.” She replied. ————————————————————— ⭐️What is your story? ⭐️Why are you here? ⭐️What do you need? ⭐️Who on Clubhouse can serve it? ⭐️What are your pain points? ⭐️Who on Clubhouse can offer the solution? ⭐️What problem are you or your business trying to solve? ⭐️Be grateful for big problems ⭐️Think about the problems you can solve for 1,000’s of people. ⭐️Be in the business of providing solutions ⭐️ if there is no competition there is no money ⭐️If your brand was a song what song would it be? ————————————————————— ⭐️Let’s talk. My core value is to help you achieve your goals. It is all about the connection. I am more of a quality over quantity person. I will share how i built meaningful relationships on Clubhouse after 5 years off social media. If you are feeling lost, overwhelmed, rejected, alone or just bored on Clubhouse? Pause. Relax. Don’t worry be happy. Dive into different spaces on Clubhouse and create meaningful relationships. ⭐️DM me on IG - Tell me what you need. I am here to serve, help and support you. ———————————————————- ⭐️NFT investor and collector of digital assets ⭐️Marketing and Brand strategist ⭐️Organic growth ⭐️Luxury Real Estate investor 🏡 I’ll ⭐️Best selling author ✍️ ⭐️Award winning filmmaker 🎬 ⭐️Superconnected networker ⭐️connoisseur of cool ⭐️ fashionista Founder of NFT aficionado | “So Good!” | The Q Club Thanks for being here.