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Purba Kiran




An Indian crafty bengali woman living in Chicago 🇺🇸 who loves to cook, travel, eat, being a mom (trust me the fun never ends😅😜), I wake up each day and live life like there’s no tomorrow!! ❤️🌸💕 A full time Mom to two beautiful children and my dog. Have tried my hands on everything; Painting, baking, candle-making, crochet, dancing, chocolate making, crafting and so on! Next project is pottery.🙈 There is no age to learn…Sab seekh lo( Learn everything)! And yeah… I write as well; nothing major! ******************************************* Achieving perfection was never the problem, trouble started when I looked at myself in the mirror after thinking I’m perfect! My bloody mirror did not lie to me… - Purba Kiran ******************************************* 🌟I loooove gardening and have my big vegetable garden. My husband and kids call me a farmer…🙄😜 🌟Embrace differences and tell people oftentimes that they are loved. It doesn’t take much effort..💕 🌟Believe in giving compliments to bring smile to absolute strangers. 🌟Being kind to one another does pay you back with good karma. 🌟At the Starbucks drive through, pay for the car behind you…the smiles you get back after they get their free coffee is Priceless!! 💕 🌟Sometimes it is okay to say ‘No’ ! Don’t be apologetic for that. A single malt whiskey girl who enjoys her drinks 🥃 A proud Indian 🇮🇳 lived in Singapore 🇸🇬 and now settled in 📍Chicago 🇺🇸 I am a little messy and a full time over-thinker! ✌️