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The Soft Life Expert 💅🏽 Master Life & Business Coach 🏆 Crypto📈 & Real Estate 🏬 Meet Alicia Shy aka the Prettybadgirlcoach ❤️‍🔥 Her personal interests are Forward Thinking Friends, Fashion, Fitness, Finances (crypto & real estate), and Fancy Soirees. + Alicia is 29 and is certified a Master Life/Mindset Coach & Business Consultant & Investor. Her niche is brain rewirement and easy-to-implement tools that shape new thinking patterns and behaviors to build a new foundation for her client’s life and business. In 2022 Alicia sat on a board for a smart contract ecosystem. As a founder she help grow the community to 2,000 members before taking leave to focus on her building her investment firm, Sasson & Cotts . She is a former model and began her journey in business as a project manager connecting businesses and creatives (models, music artists, brands, and more) in collaboration for meet-ups, productions, and events. She took interest in understanding how to appeal to people's needs and position them on the pathway to success. As she became more aware of her skill her interest grew in psychology and personal development. Coaching Credentials 💎 Alicia’s mission is to empower women to build their SOFT LIFE. A soft life is a concept that teaches women how to use their God given abilities as their currency to live the life they desire. She has curated a space for high-level conversations that lead women to take responsibility for their MENTAL HEALTH and WEALTH. GET YOUR ACCESS below to join her in THE SOFT LIFE PENTHOUSE 🏨 >>>> <<<< ______ PRETTY BAD GIRL SOCIETY is a network/ non-profit organization for women (ages 25-45) who are serious about building the lifestyle of their dreams. Carefully curated invite only space that is focused on elevating the next forward thinking woman’s mindset by way of workshops, panel discussions, and networking events. ______ Book your life & business consultation with Alicia Shy