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🕵️‍♀️UK science & finance nerd, former Chase Economist Migrated to Twitter Spaces most of the time, please join me. @nic_moneypenny 'Moneypenny' is my account LATEST investigation Currently taking part in a broadcast being run by the amazing Monica Matthews She asked me to set up and share a gofundme so here it is: 🇬🇧Widely regarded as the most knowledgeable researcher and investigator on all things 'pandemic' related: Covid origin, military hypotheses, global politics, big pharma & bio-science - with huge evidence-based data 📊 🔎Former BBC Journalist, 30 yrs fintech experience inc. investment banking, economics, insurance and retail financial advice. 33 Months Survivor: Severe Long Covid Sequelae, campaigner for non-profit support groups & sufferers. 🌞Popular Anchor Podcaster, ClubHouse Moderator, Club leader & Stereo speaker; host/contributor, 250,000 social app listeners + regular content creator Illness prevents normal working but I contribute time FOC to non-profit support groups, charities and media (current events). 30yrs economics, finance, scientific research projects UK-based, regularly on talk radio stations like LBC, BBC, GB Talk Radio and Independent Radio, TV, YouTube & others. 📢Please be patient and kind ...recent neuro/brain damage which can affect speech and memory🩺 Contact me via instagram, twitter, LinkedIn, pinterest, reddit, discord, spaces Everything I do is unpaid, voluntarily done with LongCovid education on behalf of non profit charities. I exist on minimal disablement benefits so any tips to support my broadband bill and doggy treats gratefully appreciated PayPal using or CashApp £NicMoneypenny