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Phillipa Butler




I am a Chartered Physiotherapist with a wealth of experience healing the body. I am a certified Pilates teacher and 200 hours qualified Hatha Yoga instructor. I offer online group Pilates and yoga classes, Physiotherapy advice, movement coaching, courses and workshops and I provide ongoing support to guide you on your journey to optimal health. As a woman of a certain age I am all too aware of the effects of the menopause on our bodies and I have spent some considerable time developing my Pilates for Menopause Programme. Pilates has been shown to improve Posture, dynamic balance and the strength of muscle and bone and is the perfect antidote to the challenges of our modern lives. My philosophy in my own life is that prevention is better than cure and I know that undertaking a regular programme of appropriate exercise is key. Join me for a fitter, healthier future. My ‘Moving through Menopause’ Podcast is my contribution to the conversation around menopause with insights, information and a few giggles. Email: [email protected]