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Prathmesh Barapatre




đź“Ť Mumbai, India 🇮🇳 •Mechatronics Engineer •President of National Space Society (USA) - Mumbai Chapter • Assistant Chapter Assembly Executive Secretary at National Space Society, USA • NSS Space Ambassador •Aspiring Computational Astrophysicist •Inclined towards building sustainable space technology •Gravitational Wave Science Communicator (GWSC) - Certified by LIGOIndia •Did bunch of ML & DL Projects which is present on my GitHub •Made couple of Electric Vehicle and was captain for one to participate in Asia's Largest Electric Solar Vehicle Championship (ESVC) 🎙️Lets Discuss AI, Quantum Physics, Robotics, ET, Astrophysics, Astronomy, Rocket Science, EV, Space Travel, Space Civilization, Space Settlement. ⏩Offering Internship in space based project at National Space Society (USA) - Mumbai. We have a magazine named COSMICWEB for which we offer Interns too and let people publish article based on the theme of the magazine. You can follow us on LinkedIn @ National Space Society (USA) - Mumbai Instagram @nationalspacesociety_mumbai Email: [email protected] Website: website: (headquarters Website)