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Prasad Jaladi




♻️ Innovation Catalyst for Sustainable Planet. 💫 Social Entrepreneur. 👨‍✈️ Chief Facilitator at Suraksha. ❇️ TXSBN Steering committee member. 🎙Global speaker on sustainability. 🌿 Sustainability journey, CSR and ESG reporting consultant. ✅ Supporting prevention of pollution and climate change. 💚 Innovation for social impact. ✅ Mentor at startup incubators. 👨‍💼 STEM for good. ✅ Technology commercialization. 🧤Founder of Ecopreneurship CH. 👫Children’s Environmental Health. ✳️ Remediation of oil spills, DDT, PFA, algal blooms, regeneration of coral reefs and mangroves. 🏝 Former Island Innovation Ambassador. 🇺🇳 UN SDGs, Oceans, biodiversity & ESG. 🌎📚🌊🏝 My organization name is Suraksha, a word from Sanskrit language, meaning “The Ultimate Care.” 🔋Suraksha is a radically different, all volunteer experts run organization. Offering education on education on sustainability to individuals and companies. Supporting sustainable innovation protecting the environment, current / future generations and biodiversity. 🧩 Suraksha is determined to Empower One Million Ecopreneurs and was featured on UN newsletter. 🚦Suraksha is offering mentoring, training programs, software and technology commercialization support to students, professionals, entrepreneurs and companies to achieve sustainability. LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram: @mysuraksha, FB: 🌐 Donate to Suraksha to support programs conducting on environmental protection here: LinkedIn: @PrasadJaladi