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Join our 30 min chat Fri 1pm BST. See a 60 second summary of our weekly chats Also check out Chinese GirlBot with 475m Boyfriends ➡️ See 🏅Become a SOSTAC® Certified Planner ✅ Boost results with better plans 🎥 See 3 min video 📣 TEDx speaker 📖 Author 6 Marketing books translated into 7 languages 🇮🇪 PR Smith is my pen name - there’s 4,000 Paul Smiths in Irl & UK 👽👀🎎 Digital Marketing tips, tools & techniques for growth - in common sense layman’s English FOUNDER: SOSTAC® PLANNING FRAMEWORK - Voted in the Top 3 Business Models worldwide by Chart Inst Marketing. Adopted by Linkedin, KPMG, banks, start-ups, disruptors, CIM , Inst Direct & Digital Marketing 🌇 Learn it in 3 mins. 🎥 See 3 min video FOUNDER: GREAT SPORTSMANSHIP PROGRAMME - short stories inspiring a new generation 🥇🏆🌞 NOT-FOR-PROFIT edutain-ment: stories, slides, videos, RTE & BBC audios, annual TOP TEN stories - free/share programmes & stories - around the world. ➡️ See ➡️ See my TEDx Talk - just Google: TED PR SMITH & see how sportsmanship can change the world. ➡️ CLUBHOUSE JOIN ME & FRIENDS ANY FRIDAY: ✳️ How To Write The Perfect Plan 1pm - 1.30pm IRL & UK time ✳️ UNESCO: HUMAN RIGHTS & SPORT Photo/Video 2022 Awards: co-host / presenter 📈“PR Smith’s workshop on SOSTAC® Planning was the single best workshop or seminar I ever attended. I use it on a daily basis.” Keith Browning, Snr Global Brand Manager, Linkedin.❤️ ✅ MBA Cass Business School, City Uni, London ✅ PG Dip Finance, Southbank University, London ✅ PG Dip Marketing, Marketing Institute of Ireland ✅ B Sc. (Mgt.) Trinity College, University of Dublin ✅ Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing ✅ Fellow of the Institute of Data and Marketing ✅ Member of the Marketing Institute of Ireland ✅ Member of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations #AgeOfHumanity ➡️ ➡️