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Creating stories through Tarot cards and buiding great foundations through numbers is what I love doing! Diving into ur souls journey through Akashic records is where I found my bliss! For personal tarot readings For numerology predictions For your souls journey you can connect with me on πŸ“žπŸ“²9538300009 Reiki healings done for groups as well as individuals Teaching is something that comes from my heart. In case your interested in learning about ur past, present and future lives through diving into ur souls journeys then Akashic records is meant for you connect with me to learn. For personal tarot readings, Numerology reports with remedies and Akashic healings/readings you can reach out to me. Reiki healings Pranic healings Crystal healings Pendulum dowsing Access consciousness Tarot and Numerolgy classes too. U can follow my Buisness account on Insta @manifestationsmagical Insta@