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The Holistic Chef that helps you build healthier, more sustainable and more Joyful relationships with food. While being all of me, of course 💜 Learn how your body works system by system and build a better relationship with your food. Catch them replays 👇🏾✨ Text me @4074940398 or visit for help with transitioning to plant-based , chef services, cooking classes and Aura Sanitizer. Try Coconut Flour Wraps - more like a pita than a tortilla but use them as both plus more! Perfect for people transitioning to a plant based whole foods lifestyle, keto friendly, gluten free, high fiber and vegan: ☝🏾can you help with scaling this brand to retail? Investors, brokers & food manufacturer vets, message me 😇 IG Follows 🌪Plant Food Products: 🍽Kitchen Love: @homesheartskitchens ♥️Me: @powerofjoyy Gratitude to: $jusjos214