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CEO Since age 17 Hospitality tourism & Events Management Restaurant development Personal credit strategy Business operations Minority diversity Inclusion specialist My #1 mission in life is to make an impact in minority community by inspiring people who look like me to start there Own Businesses, the way I make there’s impacts by teaching business structure , How to leverage their personal credit to achieve their entrepreneurial dreams ⚫️I am the founder of the Biz Brunch Club ⚫️Owner of FLIp my BIZ Credit ⚫️Owner of Carnival Tax ⚫️Public speaker ⚫️Social Media Manager Brand strategist ⚫️Text to join my community (504) 521-4411 I will teach you step by step how to 🎯 How to find your Niche 🎯 Form Your LLC, S-Corp, & EIN 🎯 Build your business credit 🎯 Build a business financial strategy 🎯 Run an Empire not a Hustle 🎯 How to run a 6-figure Tax Business 🎯 Diversity Inclusion Training DM are open 👇🏽