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Holistic Healer + Human Design Here to lead with love and spread love with my purest intentions | Here to teach others to cultivate joy | Here to teach others to be in attunement to their true honest self with the simple things in life | Here to embrace the present moment and practice awareness | Here to teach others to align with their highest vibration and energy | And here to inspire others to see how beautiful they really are 🤍 🦋Holistic Intuitive Healing | NLP Life Coach | Your Human Design BFF | Serial Entrepreneur | Event Planner | Healer | Visionary | Healthcare Non Profits | Networker | Natural Medicine | Ayurveda | Energy Healing | Reiki | Everything Wellness I teach you about all things Holistic Healing: 🌿Integrative Nutrition Expert: •Certified Holistic Health & Wellness Coach 🔺Human Design Reader ✨Energy Healer 🧠Certified: •NLP Practitioner •EFT Practitioner •TIME Techniques Practitioner •Clinical Hypnotherapist •Life & Success Coach Wellness Coaching Website - COMING SOON Human Design Readings - NOW AVAILABLE (DM to book a reading) Life/Health Coaching - DM to chat ____________________________ Oracle - Marketing/Events (2013-2020) Samar {Leukemia and Lymphoma Non Profit} - Strategy Advisor/Event Planner (2017-2019) We Are India - Core Team/Events (2019) Browngirl Magazine - Core Team/Events (2019) StylushCouture - Core Team/Events (2019-Present) Curesonia - Core Team/Events (2010-2015) ——— For 1:1 Coaching or Inquiries/Collabs/Partnerships: DM me ——— Other Interests: 🧬Biohacking 🔵Quantum Healing 🔶Metaphysics 📍Bay Area | Los Angeles | New York