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Michelle Stern




🐶 Dog Behavior Consultant & Trainer (CPDT-KA) | 👶🏼 Child + Dog Specialist | 🎙Pooch Parenting Podcast Host | 🥰 Mom | 🤓 Former teacher I specialize in working with families who are expecting babies and those who already have children and dogs. I want to help families love living with their dogs again and ensure sanity & safety along the way. Visit  ONLINE CLASSES: 👶🏼 Preparing Dog for New Baby 🏠Your First Week Home with Baby and Dog 🤪 Parenting Toddlers and Dogs 👶🏼 Dog & Child Essentials for Dog Professionals 🐶 Dog & Baby Safety for Baby Professionals PARENTING KIDS AND DOGS: Free Facebook community (1.8k+) of parents with dogs THRIVING PARENTS OF KIDS AND DOGS: The only membership just for parents with dogs. Join the waitlist: LET’S CONNECT: Email: [email protected] DM me on IG @poochparenting