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🎧 I help podcasters launch, grow, and monetize their show🚀📈💰 💥www.PodcastingBusiness.School💥 ♣️ Join my club @PodcastingBusinessSchool for discussions on podcasting tips ♣️ FREE resources (DM me for links) ✅ Attend my next Pod Pals Zoom Party. ✅ Sign up for a Podcast Audit interview. ✅ Get my Podcast Growth Scorecard. ✅ Podcast Launch Strategy Session 😎I’m a full time podcaster and coach with over 700 episodes recorded since I started in 2015. I help podcasters learn how to love their show like a hobby and build it like a business 🔥🎧🔥 🚨If you are doing less than 1,000 downloads per episode of your podcast I recommend starting here👇 💥💥 Check out my podcasts: 🎙Podcasting Business School 🎙Podcast Launch Tips Podcasting Pain Points I can help out with: 😃Podcast launch 😱Rebranding 🤓Podcast production and editing 🤩Building online courses, memberships, and coaching platforms 🤑Podcast Monetization 😎Getting more downloads 🤯Converting listeners into clients 🎤I’m here to CONNECT! Send me a DM on my IG profile and I will always message you back👏 #PodcastersUnite 💪🎙💪