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Presence in a club or House does not equal endorsement. When will it dawn on us that we are all connected, biologically, chemically and atomically (~NDT)? Earth systems are magnificent and complex. That we live on this wondrous planet is evidence of magic. Our home is breathtakingly beautiful it’s embarrassing how badly we’ve messed it up. Let’s get it together 🙏🏽 🇮🇳 national 🇮🇹🇬🇧🇺🇸 Have been home in the past but really the world is my family. Work: Intersection of Climate Mitigation, adaptation, food systems, support for farmers impacted by climate change and healthy sustainable food system. Religion: Agnostic = Anti organised religion = I care about you because you’re human and a fellow earthling and perhaps fellow citizen. Politics: Can swing from Right-center-left depending on the issue. Every situation is unique and no man made philosophy is perfect. Obsessed with: Second Hand Research. When possible spend time interacting with scientists on earth systems, soil and climate.