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Reagan Fulton




🌟 Founder and CEO (Cheif Exploration Officer) of Playful Acre 🌿 Hey there, I'm Reagan Fulton, founder of Playful Acre, where we spark joy and growth in children by connecting them with nature's wonders. As a seasoned professional nanny and nanny-mom, I've dedicated my life to nurturing young minds. My passion for the outdoors inspired me to create a unique fusion of childcare and nature exploration. 🌳 With a background in early childhood education, I'm committed to providing sensory-friendly, experiential learning opportunities. My expertise lies in crafting engaging nature-based programs that preserve the magic of childhood and promote equitable access to learning environments. πŸŽ“ I'm known for my boundless energy, creativity, and love for the natural world. My communication style is warm, enthusiastic, and approachable, making it easy for me to share my knowledge and connect with others. 🌼 Curious about Playful Acre or simply want to chat about nature-inspired adventures? Let's connect! 🀝 I'm always eager to share my experiences and learn from fellow nature enthusiasts. Together, we can inspire the next generation of adventurers and caretakers of our beautiful planet. πŸŒŽπŸ’š