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🏗Co-founder @ Autumn DNA 👉👈 🧬We take the guesswork out of vitamins and supplements by personalizing plans based on your DNA & lifestyle. ✊Simply put, we refuse to sell people supplements they don’t ACTUALLY need. ☝️One size does NOT fit all. ♣️🏠💎CLUBHOUSE15 for 💸15% off! 🌐: IG: @autumn_dna 👇Join ♣️ 🧬DNA for Personalized Health👇 -———————~Personal Me~——————— 👨‍👩‍👦Father to a 5yr old “Face of the Biz” 🙎‍♂️ESFJ-A ( ✈️Been to 67 Countries 🐂Ran with the Bulls (DONT DO IT) 🦈Cage Dove with Great White Sharks 🏎Driven Formula Race Car 🚁Shot Ground Targets from a Helicopter 🧗‍♂️Climbed the Great Wall of China 👹Swam in Devil’s Pool 🐘Earned an Elephant Drivers License 🔫Outdoor Airsoft Addict 🎣Catcher in Ice, Fresh & Salt Water ⌚️Watch/Time Piece Lover ΛχΑ Lambda Chi Alpha εε 📍Toronto 🇨🇦 + dual citizen 🇺🇸 -———————~About Biz Me~——————- 🧙+15yr DTC E-com & Subscription Expert 🏆AFFY Award 2021 🧬Nutrigenomics Enthusiast 🦾Performance Marketing Professional 🌪Sales Funnel Connoisseur 💸Conversion Rate Optimizer 💰Paid Media / Affiliate Marketing Fan 🤑AOV, LTV, Revenue Maximization 🔐Certified Fraud Examiner / Anti-Fraud Pro 🎓MBA in Tech Innovation and Marketing. ————————————————————- ♣️🏠💎- DM me “Tools” for my FREE large list of Ecom Tools, no strings attached. 👇Join ♣️ 🧬DNA for Personalized Health 📩DMs are open ——👇👇👇