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Holly’s Mom @Hollyandherego Mom of all ❤️❤️❤️ Proud Autism Awareness Mom & Supporter💡💎💙 Founder of Pillowtalk PTO Non For Profit 501C Organization, and Labor of ❤️ PILLOWTALK MEANING Parents-Involved-Learning-Loving-Our-Women Teens-Accepting-Love-Kindness 🌐 Pillow Talk is geared towards moms and daughters bridging the gap between one another. Stopping the violence on teenage bullying in the schools and community. Raising up every voice to become dedicated in working with moms to build a safe environment and place to release per pressure that causes conflicts. We DEVELOPED the NEGATIVE to build the POSITIVE 🎦 👗All women are welcome in hope to help bring life back into the next generation👠 👔 Father’s are needed too, if you are a single parent of a teenager daughter then we welcome YOU too🧢. CASH APP: $Hollydayszn23