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I’m a Goddess Mindset Coach facilitating self healing! ✨ Hosting Prolific Women Circle.. Sharing my K.E.Y.S to Life- Keep Elevating Yourself! 🔑 Podcast: Convo Sessions with Phree Tha Truth! Curating good vibes and conversation! I help make change with Intentional Conversation! 🗣 Speaker, Poet, and Motivator of Self Love Lifestyle! ❤️ Black Love Enthusiast! ✊🏾♥️💯 Advocate for Black Men! Founder of Dear Black Men🧑🏾‍🦱 Offering Vent Sessions Website: IG: dearblackmen_143 Culture Reporter: Lifestyle, relationships, trending topics, all things having to do with the black experience! ✊🏽❤️💯 Storyteller of getting back up and self healing! 🗣🙏🏾💪🏾 Kinda Hippie, Kinda Hood! ☮️❤️✨ Spiritual Bestie: Bitch Be Gone Spray! Like sage in a bottle! Help set up ancestors altar.. Guided meditation, affirmations, and manifesting hacks! 🧿✨✨✨✨ On Air Personality | Clarity Calls | Goal Friend | Host | Creative | Mind Shift |Poet |Mindfulness | Cannabis Advocate | Looking to network and connect with people who like to collaborate! Also looking to be of service to others! Let’s work! 💯💯💯 ✳️ Moderator 💯 Aspiring artist, writer, actor, love to create! SelfLove*Empowerment*Spirituality*Lifestyle.. FB and IG influencer: Phree Tha Truth Home in Arizona 🌵 I will travel tho! ✈️ Visit Cashapp: $Phreethatruth Zelle: [email protected] PayPal: