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Ziba Bayley




“That which is unspeakable, unperceivable and unknowable.” Vedas The continual flow of destinations feel like fractal delusions manifest in spoken, sound vibration; a great symphony of tones. And the origin point of these humans, delighting in their entanglement. 4yrs 📿 Travelled lived studied : Nepal, India. Go into nature. Be in nature. You are of the Earth. Watch nature, sit in nature, breathe in nature, walk in nature. And you will absorb the essence of pure intelligence. That in you will be your version of being. Over time. Discover for yourself. Ask how can I be with nature more? When I am walking through nature am I opening up to its essence? Physically trusting and allowing nature in. When we live in cities we rightly organically shut out noise, pollutants, sights and sounds. In nature you may do the same. Letting go is a decision. An intuitive process. Don’t do being in nature, just be in it. Learning natures process and often brutal reality teaches you way past words.