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Golden Child of Harmonic Proportion Owner of: The Phantom Apothecary IG: ThePhantomApothecary 🔥 New 📕Release on Amazon🔥. T.H.E. Quality Moral Code: Charity’s Legacy A Memoir and Guide for Navigating Adversity Available in Hardcover & Paperback Also for sale: 📖 T.H.E. Quality Moral Code: Workbook Shop Today: www.phantomknoet.Com * Herbal Bath Bombs *Herbal Bathing Salts *7 Chakra Teas * Journals *Calendars SEND A SHOW OF ❤️ TO 💰 Cash App: $DesigningYouAnew Sign MY PETITION PLEASE @ I speak not so that I can be understand but so that I cannot possibly be misunderstood. Quintillian 🟣 Business Owner 🟢 Author 🟡 Educator 🟣 Life Skills Coach 🟢 Authenticator I am an oratorical alchemist, making light of dark matters. STARRING IN NEW PODCAST 〰️KNOET & DASH〰️ All Laughs . . . Some Facts! SUBSCRIBE ON YOUTUBE Find more of my work: ✍🏿 Author: 📕Knoet’s Alphabets of Music 📘Phantom KNOET Exposed 📗Words to Life Books Available on AMAZON and at 🎭 Performance Poetry YOUTUBE: PhantomKnoet 🌿The Phantom Apothecary 🧲🧲🧲🧲🧲🧲🧲🧲🧲🧲🧲🧲🧲🧲 I am a spiritual being with the analytical and emotional abilities to reason to remedy complex situations. 〽️〰️〰️ACTIONABLE ITEM〰️〰️〽️ 🔥🔥🔥SIGN THE PETITION🔥🔥🔥