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Petra Sluijters




Hypnotherapist | Artist | Founder of Dance Hypnotic 🧠Focus on: Mind, body & heart (re)connected Hypnotherapist: ♥️Creator and designer of the affirmation card box: DailY Love And Nourish @dailyloveandnourish 🎨Motto: Without creating, Growing Up Sucks Artist: 💎BIO: I have worked as a designer and stylist for years with great pleasure. ‘Only real change comes from within!’ That is why I started to focus on the inner beauty. So I became a certified hypnotherapist, to help people shine on a much more profound and deeper level. 💃🏻Besides my daily work as a hypnotherapist, I am also the founder of Dance Hypnotic™️, a new way to party. Dancing is the connector and in combination with hypnosis it brings even more depth, solution and well-being. As soon as the world opens up again, the Hypnotic Dance™️ events will start again. I would love to travel the world to make this form of dancing and partying accessible to everyone.✨ 🇾🇪Amsterdam based 👩🏻‍🦱Socials: Connect Follow ⬇️