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Peter Revel-Walsh




🇬🇧 Actor 🎭 voice over 🗣and audiobook narrator📚photographic model 🎥 based in London. E8 Connecting helps learning and growth📈 Being involved in creative projects makes you more creative. DM me if I can help in any way always open to suggestions, playing and doing the things I love. I also write and create my own material so looking for collaborators to work and create with. ✍️🎬🎭 Originally from Lancashire now live in East London with my husband Alan.🏳️‍🌈 👉 👉 #Actor 🕴 #Voice actor 🗣 #narration 🎙 #Audio books 🦻📚 #London #Longhair #Beard #IndieFilms #CreativeWriter #Filmmaker #UniqueModel #Steampunk #FantasyFiction #MedicalRolePlayer #Improvisor Always look at best in people, and give time, be the best you can be. Looking to improve my skills, connect and grow as well as working on some fantastic projects. Always happy to help if I can. Also Interested in: Writing, plays, webseries, short films, feature films, TV, modelling, photography, costumes,improvisation