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Peter McGraw




Behavioral economist | Humor researcher | Professor | Speaker | Bachelor 🏠 Solo | Solo Travel | Solo Entrepreneurs | Behavioral Economics ✳️ Hosting rooms to help you live remarkably. 🎙️ Podcast host of Solo - The Single Person’s Guide to a Remarkable Life ________________________________ 🔑 Start at 🏠 Solo - the club for singles. Celebrate how being single lets you be adventurous, make art, start a business, sleep in, and date whomever you want—or not at all. 61k+ 🏠 Solo Travel - Planning your next solo adventure? Share your stories and learn how to travel alone - and travel well. 🛫🚆🚗🛳️ 158k+ 🏠 Solo Entrepreneurs - Going it alone as a entrepreneur? Join a long history of solopreneurs—from Blakey to Bezos to Oprah—to discuss the benefits and challenges of building a business on your own. 25k+ 🏠 Behavioral Economics - Explore cutting-edge science at the intersection of psych and economics. 88k+ _______________________________ Off of Ch, I teach MBAs by day & decode comedy by night. 🧪 Director of The Humor Research Lab (HuRL) 📕 Author of Shtick to Business 📘 Co-author of The Humor Code 🎙️ Podcast host of I’M NOT JOKING 🎭 Co-creator of the Benign Violation Theory 😂 TEDx talk on What Makes Things Funny Business school professor | Teaches marketing management to MBAs & behavioral economics to PhD students | University of Colorado Boulder | UCSD | London Business School _______________________________ 📍 Los Angeles | Denver/Boulder