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Peter Jolt




Read and listen to my stories on ✒️ I craft stories across a variety of genres—including near-future sci-fi, urban fantasy, psychological thrillers, and recently romance—but at the heart of my writing is the desire to evoke psychological suspense and elicit deep emotional responses from readers. Want to read my stories? Listen to my audiobooks? Find me on Substack at ⌨️ The software I use for writing: NovelCrafter, Heptabase, SimpleMind, Novelist, Atticus Main interests: 👫 Psychology (Relationships, CBT, Schema Therapy, DBT, Memory&Learning) 🔬🔭 Technology and science 🤖 🧠 Artificial Intelligence 🎹 The piano (classical, jazz - still learning, improv), Occasionally, I pretend I can sing 😱. 🇪🇺 Living in Poland 🇵🇱. CET, (6 hours ahead of EST)