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Pete De Mare




πŸ“ˆ ESG Funds, Impact Investor 🌱 ☎️ LEAD VC, Early Seed Angel πŸ˜‡ Board Advisor, Founder Mentor. Green Real Estate Developer, Green Businesses Builder, Materials, Supply Chain, Bridging the Gap of Physical and πŸŒ‰ Digital Revenue Channels. πŸ’΅ πŸŒ‡ Funding and Mentoring Impact Founders who seek to improve the world faster, in a measurable way, through Clusters of Innovation. Let’s grow our societal impact through sustainable business practices, build stronger communities, create wealth, give back - then repeat. πŸ— πŸ› Building more valuable and sustainable businesses, along with entire green communities at scale - everything from eco-villages to luxury eco resorts and future communities on land, sea, in air and space. Systems Thinking, Circular Economy, No Externalities. 🧐 ✍️ Authored public policies and sit on Industry Boards improving industry standards including ESG Impact Investment (Sustainable Accounting Standards Board), Blended Finance (Philanthropy, Grants, Debt and Equity), Green Real Estate Development and Deep Retrofits maximized NOI Building Performance Benchmarking via USGBC LEED / Net Zero / Micro Grid, Green Business Certifications and Zero Waste Movement leading to Sustainable Manufacturing and Material practices (Cradle to Cradle), Workforce Development and now the UN Sustainable Development Goals as well as various Global Impact Venture And Innovation Hubs. Join the Movements ♣️ 🀝 The Board Room Club - where organizational board members share experience and resources to make better decisions faster for the organizations and industries they represent. ♣️ 🐎 Self Built Club - Founder Resource Lab in stealth. Get early access to quickly add the top value centers for your organization in the right order; revenue channels, infrastructure, all capital sources and to name a few; grants, debt, equity, philanthropic. ♣️ 🏝 Join the Self Built movement, feel free to send specific thoughts on collaboration and ask specific questions of me via β“πŸ“²