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🖤 THE PEOPLES COACH. 🔴 I specialise in coaching people to master their message and get their best intentions into play by getting their MIND right. M - My I - Intentions N - Now D - Delivered Take My 🛑 Stop One - 🟢 Start One Challenge. Down load my FREE APP and create YOUR Fantastic Future. DM the word START or click on my Linktree. About Me - ⭐️ HIGH Performance Coach 📚 Author of 20 books on personal and professional development, including; 🔴 Habit Busting ✅ Life DIY 🌎 Sort Your Life Out ✔️ Inspirators 🤩 Fear Busting 🦆 Shut The Duck UP 📚 My latest book is called “Clubhouse Culture” - 30 Game Changer People Using Clubhouse To Change The World. Release July 2021 Stop 🛑 One Start 🟢 One - Habit Tracker 🟢 Change your habits in a fun, easy and simple way. 🛑 Download the Stop One Start One Habit Tracker app now! 🟢 Set your intentions, stop the habits that have limited you and start living the great life you have always wanted. Take advantage of the great features anywhere you go. 🟢 This app allows you to; 🛑 Have as many habits stops and starts as you want 🟢 Track your progress 🟢 Share your progress with others 🟢 Connect with likeminded people who inspire, motivate, and support your goals 🟢 Learn insights from training videos and courses 🟢 Keep a journal to record your adventure and track your progress 🟢 Write letters to your future self to help you form that much-needed relationship with the person you are becoming 🟢 Join different challenges and groups. 🟢 What’s more its FREE for the first 14 days - so try it now! Click My Link Trick to DOWNLOAD The app NOW. 🟢 i am Performance 🎭 Coach And A Future Self Practioner. 🟢 We do this by coaching YOU to fill in the GAP’s between where YOU are and where YOU want to be. G - Goals A - Attitude P - Pathways With the right Mindset you fill the GAP’s in your life, deliver on your intentions and commit and create a better future YOU. 🔺Motivation Speaker 🔈 🌍 Worked with Ronnie Osullivan, Arsenal Football Team ✅ Founder of Mi365 Coaching. ✅ I coach legacy makers shift from thinking to being. 👏👌 I am an energetic and inspiring Master Inspirator who coaches Legacy Makers to become unstoppable so they lead extraordinary fantastic lives not by chance but by design. 💡 DM the word BOOK to get a FREE copy of “INSPIRATORS - The Leaders Journey”