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Pernilla Corizza




I am here to help create outstanding leadership where we understand that we are all people meeting people. Diversity in thought is a team’s greatest strength and I help you go from tolerating, accepting or respecting your different perspectives to truly appreciating the treasure of everybody’s different interpretation filter and deepest driving forces. Each and every one is worth feeling that their individual driving forces and skills are highly valued and that their voice is requested for the good of the whole. That it’s worth it to be and to do their best. With deep passion for servant customized leadership I help leaders that have real mandate to identify, release and utilize the deepest driving forces in themselves and in their coworkers - their most important resources. I help create great leaders for better health and performance to level up. Leaders that people want to follow voluntarily, not because they have to, but because they make them feel truly good about themselves and eachother. Deep motivation, experience of meaningfulness and engagement are the golden keys to high quality and success. #psychological safety #psychological needs #my needs #neuroscience #servant leadership #customized leadership 🌟 Nominated Leader of the Year 2019 in Sweden. 🔑 ”What can I do that creates value for you?” 🦋 ”- What if I fall? - Oh, but my darling, what if you FLY?” Open Mic Leadership moderator 🔗Linkedin Pernilla S Corizza