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Wendy Perkins Shoef




Full bodied pleasure is what your body was built for. Healing doesn't have to be hard. 4/1 Sacral Generator ā˜€ļø Sagittarius ā™ šŸŒ™ Libra ā™Ž ā†—ļø Scorpio ā™ Owning Your O Orgasm and neuro-pleasure coach @owningyouro The Success Doula ADHD business coach @thesuccessdoula I help people step into their divine power and take ownership and responsibility of their life by clearing blocks, mastering skills, and empowering them to create sustainable, thriving lives in a pleasurable way. Neuroscience Enthusiast ADH (it's not a disorder, it's a super power) Cervical and yoni dearmouring Energy worker/healer since I was a little kid Data driven Believer of Woo (can scientifically explain a lot of it too) Sex magick practitioner Transformation facilitator