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🗣Communicate Your Expertise: Small business owners, solopreneurs and nonprofits trust me to position, package and present their message to grow their business. 🎁 Gifts in IG bio & download:“Employee to Entrepreneur: 10 Essential Moves” Be seen as the authority and expert and communicate your value so ideal clients find and hire you to make more than before! 🎤 Media Guide - Pitch & Present 👁 Pure Awareness Teacher 🎯 Position & Amplify Your Expertise! 🧩 Clarity Coach for your business message 🎤 Host, Living Your Passion (now on Clubhouse!) ☀️ You want to position, package and present what you do with the same clarity, confidence and certainty as when you worked for someone else. 🎨 Your voice and full self-expression matters now more than ever. 🎯 You – being seen, heard and understood – is why I do what I do. 🔮 Clarify your mission and get your business out there! Who am I? 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Mom, soon-to-be-grandmom, married 33 years and still in love 🦸‍♀️ Board certified coach, Human Design General & Business practitioner – Jovian certified 🎬 Self-published author 🎭 Musical theater geek Ping me to moderate on topics such as: ✳️ Branding & messaging ✳️ Vanish visibility fears ✳️ Polish your media pitch ✳️ Crafting nonprofit pitches ✳️ Doing business as yourself ✳️ Human Design - biz & love ✳️ Raising kids as themselves ✳️ Being a motherless mother 🧾 Why trust me? 🎯 Pitched and placed hundreds of stories for clients that have appeared in major media outlets – print and broadcast. Worked in tv and radio. 📺 Appear as spokesperson for small businesses, nonprofits and trained others for media interviews and speaking appearances – online and offline. 📡 Represent diverse clients in crisis public relations, as a lobbyist, served as director of small, women and minority business and director of NJ-National Federation of Independent Business. 💸 Headed up statewide nonprofit; established grant process and awarded funds to groups. 💎 Managed events, campaigns, conferences and political debates from concept to completion. 💎 Coached 380 start-up and emerging entrepreneurs in three years with their mission, mindset and marketing outreach, writing their bios and developing their signature programs so they can do business as themselves in their own voice, letting their passion shine and pocketbooks grow. Love to do this everyday! 📍 Live in New Jersey and love travel adventures!