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Glenn Kolonel




❤️‍🩹🎉🍃 🌎 🌺 E.N.T.J. “ I cannot teach you, nor can you learn from me - but you can teach me, and I can learn from you.”~GCK 😊❤️❤️❤️🙏 “And what will YOU choose; excuse, or opportunity” ~GCK 🥰🤗 I love Humanity. ❤️ 😃 “I can choose winning by not playing - but I’d rather play and risk losing; it’s so much more fun!” ~GCK “Keep your books, and scriptures, and your pre-conceived notions for as long as you need them. You are best qualified to decide when to absorb or when to let go. 😊❤️ These don’t keep you from growing, only the “shoulds” of others that echo in your mind. Instead, consider letting the prescriptions of these others go. It’s your time, and your choice.” 😊 ~GCK “Please tell me what you believe, yes, I am interested. But, I will ask you if you want to help me, too. Can you save my life? 😊❤️. If yes, then, now, I am learning something “ ~GCK “Submit to Love...but without thinking..." ~ RUMI “Walk as if you are kissing 💋 the earth 🌏 with your feet 👣 “ ~Thích Nhất Hạnh “It is always the right time to do the right thing.” ~ Martin Luther King, Jr. “When I look inside and see that I’m nothing, that’s wisdom. When I look outside and see that I’m everything, that’s love. And between these two, my life turns.” ~ Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj Love, True & Real Friendship, Forgiveness, Communication, Bravery & Support, Forever! Respond to calls for goodness. Be kind, always, to Everyone, Everywhere! ☺ I’m a humanist. What I do? I dedicate my life and time to affirmation - supporting and lifting others towards hope. ❤️ “Those we win by prescription are not the best empowered by our message.” ~ GCK & TM “What’s lost is only the invitation to engage” ~ GCK & TM “Prescription meets resistance. Description embraces” ~ GCK & TM “Forgiveness is an opportunity - a gift - for saving lives 🎁 “ ~GCK “It’s ok for you to feel the way that you do, 😊; and, for as long as you want & like to do so.” ❤️~GCK “You SHOULD do nothing…but, if you want, you CAN do ANYTHING” 😊 ~GCK I love engagement, connectedness, depth, and meaningful living. I also like to question things. Change is an adventure for me. 🎈❤️😃 “I don’t need for you to choose my way, nor adopt my code. 😊 neither will I have need to adopt yours. I have no need to defend my creed, and, also, neither will I.” ~GCK❤️❤️🤗 “Hope is the cage which holds Emotion - to be nurtured or to be tortured, by Thought” ~GCK 🇨🇦 Living in beautiful St. John’s, Newfoundland Labrador Canada 🇨🇦