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Ashley Carroll




💗🙏🏼Filled with gratitude for the impact The Silent Siddha💕 @silentsiddha has made in my life. Happy to share one of my favorite quotes of his: “The turmoils of your mind is your minds alone. Provoked by the opinions, tormented by the interpretations, blinded by the passed on beliefs. Once you realize that you are not your mind, the turmoils fade away” - Silent Siddha RESUME ⤵️ ——————— ♥️ LoVe 🧠Work directly for CEO and CFO of $1b annual revenue organization with 5k+ employees 🏦13+ Years experience in finance 📈Guided 5 business units with growth during partnerships __________________✨________________ Areas of Interest: 💲finance and investments 💡ideation 📖storytelling 🕵🏼problem solving ✨spirituality 🤫silence __________________✨________________ 🖤♣️Join my club ‘LOVE MORE’ ♥️ [First club at the bottom in the pink.] __________________✨________________ 📍USA __________________✨________________ Connect with me off CH ⤵️