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Paul Merrick




Scottish business owner, angel investor, business consultant, professional speaker, property developer, and Co-Author of Unpacking Your Property Business Plan. I  established my first business at 15 years old and was exporting used vehicle components in my mid 20s. Our first property company was set up in 1998. I am now involved in a number of businesses across different sectors including the property industry. We have been involved in developing many properties over the years, and have built up a debt free portfolio of commercial and residential properties. I am now semi-retired, and no longer need to work but I continue to write and speak on the subject of business and property. Because I love investing my time in people and sharing the expertise I have garnered during my almost 30 years in the property industry and 45  years in business. I have built a reputation on making shrewd purchases, recognising business opportunities and viewing each project creatively. Over the years, our companies have been involved in almost every aspect of business. We have worked with Local Authorities; joint venture partners and large corporations.   I have established effective networks. My personal passions are property, business, personal development and education.  Consequently, I have shared our business experience with a wide range of organizations, from school pupils to national charities. and been  a regular speaker at many events. I believe in continuous personal and professional development and enjoy sharing my knowledge and expertise to help others fulfil their true potential. I have always been willing to share our wisdom. But equally willing to learn. Co-Author: 'Unpacking Your Property Business Plan.' Available on Amazon. Contact me on Facebook