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Paul King




theoretical neuroscientist. data scientist. consciousness theorizer. internet product technologist. concerned citizen. Hosting the “Neuro+AI+Consciousness” club and conversation series, generally Saturday mid-day PT. Homepage: 📈 Data Science Manager at Apple (Siri), fmrly DS Mgr at Uber, Quora, Facebook 🧠 fmr Visiting Scholar, UC Berkeley Theoretical Neuroscience (computational models of visual processing) 👥 founder, Neosociety (early social networking company, 2004), fndr Infoscape (early Java software company) 💻 NeXT Computer (Steve Jobs company) 🎓Harvard Computer Science & Cog Sci Quora top writer on neuroscience (60k followers), exploring neuroscience models of consciousness and AI. DM me on Twitter or at [email protected]