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Paul Martin




Do you have to be scared? Really?😱😱😱😱 Really,?😱😱😱😱 Fascinated by concepts of physical, emotional and social fear and how it controls every single aspect of our daily lives. How we subconsciously place ourselves into cycles of restrictive thoughts / actions / feelings / thoughts with every single decision made How to, not only recognise and understand our reactions but to build and master our fear responses effectively, overlaying old unconscious habits to break through our so called comfort zones and greatly expand our horizons and returns. After my own childhood abuse and negative early adult years, i now have nealy 30 years studying and working around human behaviour, teaching in EBD settings incl schools and childrens psychiatric care and leading therapy programmes in the great outdoors. ⛺️ During these past 7️⃣ years ive been working and greatly expanding my knowledge as a senior adventure based crisis Intervention therapist, scaffolding and redirecting abused children who are complex and displaying extremely challenging and dangerous behaviours. also as a freelance outdoor instructor... πŸͺ¨ Climbing Instructor ⛰️ Expedition Leader πŸͺ¨ Cave and Mine Exploration Leader (just try not to get stuck) πŸ›ΆKayak Instructor (honestly, you'd be supprised how long you can hold your breath) πŸ”₯ Bushcraft and Survival Instructor (this is hot and this is sharp) Dedicated to helping people recognise, understand and manage their fears and then use them to their own advantage to be better in every single way!! Bring it on! Don't be afraid of your fears πŸ™ because the very best stuff is just on the other side! Send me a message... say hi.. let me know what you're up to... tell me about your fears 😱 Paul Martin