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Patti DiMiceli




🦋 Born in the City of Angels at the Queen of Angels Hospital, I knew I was chosen, as we all are. 🦋 Tiny Home dweller, compassionate Human, lead by serving, a “Pebble Thrower in the Still Pond of Life.” 🦋 Gave birth to an Angel, who died at 4½ on my 27th birthday in 1980. 🦋 She is my / our great Teacher and answered the question: What happens when we die?” “Mom, when I die, I’ll still be Amber. I’ll just be DIFFERENT.” At the exact moment she she stopped breathing, I PHYSICALLY felt her leave her body and pass through me into The Light! 🦋 Channeled (typed really) Embrace the Angel.” (Free eBook on our website: 🦋 Owner of not-for-profit, Tobias & Co. LLC and our “Giving Back Division,” Embrace the Angel. (We donate silk scarves, ties, and pillows to critically ill children and the Loved Ones they leave behind.) 🦋 Life Coach. End-ofLife Doula, Grief Educator & Coach. (