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Patrick Odimnfe




Patrick Odimnfe is an expansive researcher, social collaborator and philosopher with significant expertise in grassroots social movements and integral research practice. He is committed to supporting social innovation in communities globally that are economically and culturally disenfranchised. He has worked with social innovators and their communities in the United States, the Middle East and West Africa to build innovative systems and structures that support communities and individuals. He holds a strong belief that Africa’s contemporary problem (economics, governance, education and even family) is the conditioning of the black body and mind. His personal and collaborative works aim to co-create economic, spiritual, and emotional healing infrastructures of the individual, community, and society. And to synthesize knowledge paradigms for social transformation. Patrick’s work attempts to go beyond superficial answers and quick fixes that have become a booming industry, to the more granular basis of the individual, community, and society’s problem. He is currently exploring the following questions in his writings and teachings - indigenous cosmologies; human consciousness & multi-dimensionality; integral innovation practice; why we are what we are, the role of intuition in business. He is the Founder of Ogologo-Oge; a research company visioning new paradigms of knowledge and blueprints to meet Africa’s pressing problems of self and society; from personal trauma to food scarcity and agriculture, to housing, financing, and spirituality. He co-founded Agbo Ile; a multidimensional organism encompassing the philosophical and academic study of ancestral longing, the design of healing spaces including architecture and objects, spiritual retreats and black body pilgrimages, indigenous movie productions and book publishing for writers of African descent. He is also a coordinator of the Nigerian Food Aid Project. A Diasporic non-profit-organization in the United States focused on creating funds to provide sustainable nourishment to impoverished communities in Nigeria. Specialties: • Integral Research and Development • Systems and process design thinking • Strategic thinking for social development • Stakeholders’ engagement for visioning and implementing social innovation and community-centred projects Research Focus: • Social innovation and social enterprise practice • Community development • Indigenous spirituality