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Patrick Morales




💫Certified Superconscious Coach 🧲 Magnetic Mind Method 💪🏽Inspiring Clubhouse 🤑Entrepreneur -———————What I do———————- 📖 Published Author ✨ Love to teach 📜 Ancient wisdom 🙌🏽 I construct the concrete of the conscious, care for the core and fuel the revolution in returning a soul to a space that is super safe and sacred Have freedom to start living your true nature and purpose❤️ -——————-I specialize in——————— 🙌🏽Coaching strategies 🌱 planting seeds of abundance 🔮 intuitive coach 🪐perceptual shift ⚓️ advanced NLP ⚡️ superconscious awakening 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 family Constellations 🧠 mental reprogramming ⚛️quantum jumping 🧬 epigenetics ⚜️ alchemy for success 🫀 Heart coherence ✖️ Heart Math ——————What I’m looking for—————— 💫 Come join my 30 Day Superconscious Manifestation room everyday at 1pm EST ⭐️I would like to attract people who are motivated ⭐️ Would like to connect with influencers to speak at virtual events this year ——————My business—————— 🍃Founder of Superconscious Revolution Tap the linktree in my IG bio to purchase my book ———————Ready for love ——————— He/him 🧑🏻‍🦱looking for a She/her 👧🏻 Keeping it zen ☯️ Desire a her to pour my love into and receive love in return ❤️ 🌹I like being single but I’m at the stage of my life where I’m ready to start sharing it with a great her ————————My hobbies———————— 🌎 I love to connect with nature and be outdoors 🏋️‍♂️ Pumping iron 🍃What's impossible today is tomorrow's reality. #Apex🇺🇸 📩Open to professional and friendly DMs