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17x Traditional Published Author, CIO & Co-founder Designing Genius, Founder WoosterMedia 🧩Designing Genius: We help people solve people problems. Our tools help people operate at their highest and best self. We help individuals, consultants, entrepreneurs, and organizations utilize genius in: ✨Hiring/Onboarding ✨Teams ✨Crisis Management ✨Performance ✨Well-being ✨Masterminds ✨Relationships/Partnerships AVAILABLE NOW: Designing Genius course: Create your plan for living your highest and best life at DM me if you are interested in discussing how to bring people-first solutions to your organizations. The $$$ ROI is incredible AND you can deliver what today’s worker wants from their employer …. Win/Win🎉 _________________________________ 📚13X Traditionally Published Author + 5 self-published. My book “Ignite Your Spark” with Simon & Schuster was a given to over 2000 attendees at WeDay. My company has helped executives, entrepreneurs, professional athletes and speakers write and publish books that create an impact on their audience. 👉Looking to create collaborative partnerships...please DM to chat👈 _________________________________ I love to appear on podcasts on: 🔥Book Writing/ Publishing 🔥Entrepreneurship 🔥Messaging & Leadership 🔥Human Behavior 🔥The New Worker 🔥Social Impact Living life in gratitude in Tampa, Florida. 👇Connect in DMs 👇Connect on