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Patrice Hutton-Jones




🖤Visceral 🖤Change Transmitter 🖤to Clarity💰Elevation Wealth Creatrix |Body Touch Wisdom💃🏽| Analog Art 🎨Sensorial Expressionist| Self Acceptance is Freedom I am a Quantum Seer that works as a bridge to help clients embody their original power and extra sensory perceptions with ease and flow. This process is not always easy but the collaborative scope this work takes is truly life changing. — JOIN MY CLUBS BODY WEALTH MASTERY CREATIVES UNITE __ FOUNDING ADMIN OF PRESERVATION OF THE HUMAN RACE CLUB Clients experience better relationship with themselves, better health, more inspiration, alignment, intuition and Creation Abundance. I’m dedicated to Emotional Intelligence and Harmony in a body. Are you ready for expansion and transformation? Let’s dance Reconnect Remember and Recalibrate new neural pathways that support your expansion. ⚓️ I’m anchoring and forging a new way of opening up to self and transformation as a new wave thought leader. As the old structures and ways of being fall away the world of transformation is also open for new creative ways of healing and embracing Self with new eyes. My work is revolutionary fresh powerful and advanced! “ Three hours after your Wealth Portal toning my overall portfolio increased 20%” “ 1000€ just dropped into my account after your sound healing.” “ I’ve had a headache for days and after the breath work process you took me through it’s gone.” I’m able to speak to your Inner Healer there are no gurus here. I simply help you to Remember who you are! 🧬 To sign up for my new programme message for details. ‘ I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become.’ Carl Jung ♋️ Cusp ♒️ Sun ♏️ Rising ♑️ Moon 2/5 Manifesting Generator 🌸 Bodywork Specialist 🌸Energy body communicator 🌸 Vibrational Medicine Dip. CVM 🌸 DNA Activation and Restructuring ™️ 🌸 Shamanic Painting™️ 🌸 Emotional Alchemy 🌸 Expression Intention™️ 🌸 Somatic Movement 🧘🏽‍♀️ Meditation 🌬 Breathwork 🎨 Mixed Media & Graphic Creations My Djedi abilities are seeing entrepreneurs special gifts and identity muse. I’m fascinated with the 🧠 and ❤️ torus! PayPal [email protected]£patricehj